«Vast woods of chestnut, walnut, beech, ash, oak covered slopes of Arquà, but were especially vines, olive and almond trees which helped to create the impressive and typical landscape of Arquà».
F. Petrarch (1304-1374)

So the famous poet Petrarch wrote of this land, where spent his last years and where you can  find our company, among the gentle hills of Euganean Hills, close to Arquà Petrarca, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

In our vineyards, maintained and cared like gardens, each vine is an expression of deep respect for nature and of a continuous contact with the earth.

We do treatments with full respect for the environment, according to the principles of integrated pest management farming. We follow rules designed to achieve the highest quality and dictated by long experience, applying the right equilibrium between tradition and innovation.

Grounds have vines between 2 and 70 years old. Cultivate with love according to tradition, in full respect of nature, means to give continuity and authenticity to our projects and to guarantee a result that meets our ambitions.

«Wine is the poetry of the earth».
M. Soldati (1609-1999)

Our wines: the smell and taste of the land of Euganean Hills

Wine is art, is poetry, is a network of historical roots and new emotions, it is our great love that we want to transmit to our customers.

Operations in the winery aim to “accompany” the wine in its maturation process, without forcing it, basing on the principle that it is always the raw material to make the quality of the finished product.


«Here among the Euganean Hills… I built a small but lovely little house, surrounded by an olive grove and a vineyard, which give just enough to a not numerous and modest family».
F. Petrarca (1304-1374)

The peculiar and evocative landscape of the Euganean Hills has attracted and inspired generations of poets, writers and artists.

Euganean Hills are an unusual mountainous chain formed between 34 and 33 million years ago; they consist of about a hundred hills whose height is never more than 600 meters. The peculiar geological history has made possible the formation of a unique biodiversity of flora and fauna, which since 1989 have been safeguarded by the “Colli Euganei Regional Park”.

Each hill was created independently by a specific movement of the earth’s crust, and as such, each one has not only its own peculiar shape but also its own unique soil and mineral composition. This explains the unusual and evocative site of a solitary hill surrounded by flatland. Euganean Hills have maintained the visual beauty that has attracted travelers for centuries. In springtime you can feel the softness of the air on your skin and birdsong scores your visit.

With the rise of the monasteries in the Middle Ages, grape growing and wine making emerged once more in the Euganean Hills, as every religious settlement was expected to attend its own vines.

After three kilometers from our winery, in Arquà Petrarca, you can visit Petrarch’s House, where the poet spent the last years of his life. Arquà is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is a medieval village that still holds the charm of the past and is considered the pearl of the Euganean Hills. Thanks to the excellent local products, Arquà Petrarca belongs to two national associations: “Città dell’Olio” and “Città del vino”.

«Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together».
F. Petrarca (1304-1374)