Our wines: the smell and taste of the land of Euganean Hills

Wine for us…

Wine is art, is poetry, is a network of historical roots and new emotions, it is our great love which we want to transmit to our customers.

Operations in the winery aim to “accompany” the wine in its maturation process, without forcing it, basing on the principle that it is always the raw material to make the quality of the finished product.

«The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets…».
S. Dalì

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From wine taste… to life taste

Taste our wines means not only drink, but also discover the strong and joyful character of those who produce them. Wines embody harmony between terroir and family, between grape and bottle, between wine-growers and wine-maker.
By their mere naturalness and elegance, you’ll take home not only a bottle, but also the memory of a real family.

«Years, lovers and glasses of wine. These are the things you should never be counting».
The Age of Adaline

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